Lab Partners

Lovely colour palette … and the simple, kiddy love of a candy shop. The vignette effect works well… makes it have a sort of retrospective feel. Reminds me a bit of Disney illustrations… hope I can channel more of this to my work .

Lab Partners.


Present & Correct





design work life » Present & Correct.

Picture Keyboard Alphabet

Brilliant! Not only are the illustrations really cool, the idea of using the keyboard instead of the usual “abc” book is great too!

Christopher Monro DeLorenzo — Picture Keyboard Alphabet – Sticker Set.

Theme posters

Looks great, but more importantly it kinda links to my dissertation, due to use of slightly muted colour and simple shapes. (Similar to what Disneyland is about). Also its “themed” in that it manages to represent a location through the use of pure signs.


Away We Go

A letterpress wedding invitation. Better than most of the cheesy ones I think!

Away We Go – Lots Of Letterpress Ink « Beast Pieces.

GOOD Infographics

Thought they may be relevant to my ideas for presenting my dissertation. All found via GOOD.


FUUVI is a Japanese company that does these really cute cameras… that look like drink packets!


always with honor




always with honor

always with honor does the really nice info-graphics that I always see in Monocle. Amazing illustrations! Also, they are cool because they make boring information look really appealing and interesting.

Nicky & Cookie

Nicky & Cookie.

I have always followed the amazing Monster Munch blog. The people who run it have started a new site that catalogues their new adventure… the website has a really great landscape layout with huge space for pictures. Also the running header is really cute.


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