Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh

A really great refresh all around. Elevating the humble banana to new heights! Great idea to use the label as a theme / system, love the humor in the website and games…

Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh – Articles and Features – design:related.


Dr. Stuart’s Tea

Like the idea of having a narrative that isnt too obviously connected to the flavours of tea.

Dr. Stuart’s Tea : Lovely Package . Curating the very best packaging design..

bigger than giants // ART

Work from Ryan Rhodes. To me his work is really unusual, and I love the concept of using wood textures in the typeface. Has a hand-printed/vintage/quirky feel to it…

bigger than giants // ART.


From the website:

“A welcoming large-scale notice board” for Folkets Park, The People´s Park in Malmö.

The signs holds information about the park as well as messages with a more personal voice. All signs are flexible and can be moved around and exchanged according to current events and season. The letter bricks in the large calendar are also flexible.

via byggstudio!.

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