The Anatomy of a Cupcake



Sarah Wilson – Design.


Star Wars in Icons



Love the idea! Star Wars told via icons.



From the website:

“A welcoming large-scale notice board” for Folkets Park, The People´s Park in Malmö.

The signs holds information about the park as well as messages with a more personal voice. All signs are flexible and can be moved around and exchanged according to current events and season. The letter bricks in the large calendar are also flexible.

via byggstudio!.

Picture Cook

Love it when information becomes really basic… and is hand drawn!

Katie Shelly’s Picture Cook.

GOOD Infographics

Thought they may be relevant to my ideas for presenting my dissertation. All found via GOOD.

always with honor




always with honor

always with honor does the really nice info-graphics that I always see in Monocle. Amazing illustrations! Also, they are cool because they make boring information look really appealing and interesting.

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