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Lab Partners

Lovely colour palette … and the simple, kiddy love of a candy shop. The vignette effect works well… makes it have a sort of retrospective feel. Reminds me a bit of Disney illustrations… hope I can channel more of this to my work .

Lab Partners.

Hot Dog!

Since Im currently working on a branding project that involves food & sausages. I am on the look out for more pork related imagery! this one’s nice simple, and importantly combines flat vector with squiggly handdrawn details.. which is something Ive been keen to explore a lot!

iE14F32 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Dr. Stuart’s Tea

Like the idea of having a narrative that isnt too obviously connected to the flavours of tea.

Dr. Stuart’s Tea : Lovely Package . Curating the very best packaging design..

Fubon Gallery : LOVERS TOWN

Limiting colour palettes really really works. It just makes everything more sophisticated! Love these illustrations from LOVERS TOWN. The textures make it jump off the flat page..

Fubon Gallery : LOVERS TOWN.

Kelli Anderson: Handkerchief Map Invite


“Like a souvenir from a roadtrip, Youngna and Jacob wanted me to create an object that would serve as a lasting momento of adventure for their guests. Because their venue is a remote mountain-top home, the handkerchief had to function as accurate way-finding tool—while simultaneously preserving the journey’s idiosyncratic visual landmarks for future memories.”

Kelli Anderson: Handkercheif Map Invite.

Amazing wedding invitation! Also a really nice “making of” on her blog.

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