Stoyn Ice Cream










Lab Partners

Lovely colour palette … and the simple, kiddy love of a candy shop. The vignette effect works well… makes it have a sort of retrospective feel. Reminds me a bit of Disney illustrations… hope I can channel more of this to my work .

Lab Partners.

Hot Dog!

Since Im currently working on a branding project that involves food & sausages. I am on the look out for more pork related imagery! this one’s nice simple, and importantly combines flat vector with squiggly handdrawn details.. which is something Ive been keen to explore a lot!

iE14F32 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

McDonald’s: The M

Looking at more ads to get inspiration for my new project… I think what really works here is defining the tagline first… then coming up with whatever metaphors are linked to that. Metaphors… something I need to focus more on!

McDonald’s: The M | Ads of the World™.

The Tea Cup Collection







Normally I don’t love these types of design, but in this case I like the idea of turning teacup designs into cushion designs… it gives me inspiration to take cues from vintage packaging/tickets/labels and turn them into something that is more prominent around the home.

Mingo Lamberti.

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