Lab Partners

Lovely colour palette … and the simple, kiddy love of a candy shop. The vignette effect works well… makes it have a sort of retrospective feel. Reminds me a bit of Disney illustrations… hope I can channel more of this to my work .

Lab Partners.


Patrick Hruby







grain edit ยท New Work by Patrick Hruby.

8 bit heroes and villians

Old school classic video game characters done with screenprint. Enough said!

doe-eyed | illustration.

Tall Painting

Amazing! So simple but looks so good. Looks fun too.. gravity acts as a painting tool!

YouTube – Tall Painting.

Hot Butter

Amazing what colour, paper and tone can do! Makes everything look less “cheesey” by adding that vintage feel.

FFFFOUND! | Tumblr.

Motels : Holly Wales

From her site:

3 colour risograph prints for the Turn Up The Colour exhibition at Analogue Books in Edinburgh, produced after a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June 2010.

So quirky and nostalgic… somehow she manages to make it look “sketchy” and less precise, yet it has the nice bold colours of a silkscreen print. Inspiring to me because it confirms that doing things by hand (and not computer) is sometimes still the way to go!

Motels : Holly Wales.

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