LA FIRME | Chaise étiquette

The coolest folding chair ever.

LA FIRME | Chaise étiquette.


Luma Case Study | PUSH
















Luma Case Study | PUSH.

Identity / campaign for Luma by PUSH. Really simple but smart… like that they just used two colours, and used the image of a bottle to drive the brand and campaign.. its so simple but just works!

Lee – Never Wasted

Fabulous! Inspiring – turning the everyday shopping bag into multiple things… fun stuff. Again, hope that my play/work project can go into this more material direction.

Lee Never Wasted – – Package Design Blog.

McDonald’s: The M

Looking at more ads to get inspiration for my new project… I think what really works here is defining the tagline first… then coming up with whatever metaphors are linked to that. Metaphors… something I need to focus more on!

McDonald’s: The M | Ads of the World™.

A Paper Record Player : Kelli Anderson

Amazing!!! A record player (yes it works) within a wedding invitation. And its made of paper! Plus its designed real nice too.

A Paper Record Player : Kelli Anderson.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

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