Winter Cabin Collection — Products


I just love the cabin aesthetic, along with hand drawn type. Somehow its always better than digital type…Amazing stuff.

Winter Cabin Collection — Products.


Snack Memo – Matomeno


I love the idea! I like how it comes from the idea of sharing or being social… and they look so cool! I could imagine having these all around my table..

You can take a memo in potato chips. Snack Memo – Matomeno.

Umino Seaweed Design Nori


I&S BBDO Tokyo designed nori (seaweed) for Umino Seaweed in Japan, to help the company recover after last year’s tsunami. Their project fuses traditional Japanese design and modern techniques. What a great great concept… fusing art, design, food and hope all in one!

Umino Seaweed Design Nori | The Inspiration Room.



These toys are so unique.. they have a nice vector style, but are made of felt (it seems) and have really vibrant colours… also I just think the characters are really cool!!

PITIXINDOS on Toy Design Served.

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