Winter Cabin Collection — Products


I just love the cabin aesthetic, along with hand drawn type. Somehow its always better than digital type…Amazing stuff.

Winter Cabin Collection — Products.


LTD Editions – Fivethousand Fingers


LTD Editions was a mobile street vendor serving fast art during the 2011 Vancouver Culture Crawl. Artists transformed the mobile project space into a print shop where the public could select images from a menu and have them composed and hand printed on the spot. In collaboration between Walk Collective and the Tin Can Studio, we made playful and practical explorations of art production and customer service.

Fivethousand Fingers.

Damien Correll

Part & Parcel — Study No. 3

I want them! Screenprinted work by Damien Correll, really simple but really fresh and playful.

Part & Parcel — Study No. 1.

Card Set | Colle+McVoy

Card Set | Colle+McVoy

Super card set designed by Colle+McVoy. Especially love the Father’s Day one!

Card Set | Colle+McVoy. via Design Work Life

Nathalie Cone

Great letterpressed poster about a workplace… simple and funny and great!!

Nathalie Cone.

The Heroes of Folk Letterpress Card Collection



The illustrations are great, but what I like is the concept of bringing old folk tales to life.

Shop See Scotty — The Heroes of Folk Letterpress Card Collection.

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