Diesel SS-2012 Eyewear Collection










This is totally my kind of design… very playful and witty. Love how the photo booth theme carries on into the website and catalogue.



Eos Coffee Packaging : Noem9 Studio


Direct and very appealing packaging for coffee! Also like the ads, funny and to the point.

/ Eos Coffee Packaging : Noem9 Studio.


I love Tokyo. So no surprise that I really like this identity work by Savvy Studio… great colours and really cool typography too!

SAVVY STUDIO | Torotoro.

Luma Case Study | PUSH
















Luma Case Study | PUSH.

Identity / campaign for Luma by PUSH. Really simple but smart… like that they just used two colours, and used the image of a bottle to drive the brand and campaign.. its so simple but just works!

Lipton Infinite Trip

An amazing interactive site… visuals are stunning, and best of all you get to control the animations using your scroll wheel on the mouse!

Lipton Infinite Trip.

McDonald’s: The M

Looking at more ads to get inspiration for my new project… I think what really works here is defining the tagline first… then coming up with whatever metaphors are linked to that. Metaphors… something I need to focus more on!

McDonald’s: The M | Ads of the World™.


From the website:

Created for a campaign put on by Central Market during valentine day weekend, the interactive Chocoscope lived on the ‘In Stores Now’ page of the site, and provided a scrumptious engagement for loyal fans and new customers.

I designed icons for nine chocolate horoscope types, and created a set of sliders to help users determine what sign they were. Users could share their particular sign through Facebook, and browse all nine types. In addition, they were also given product suggestions based on their type, and a coupon for free choice to satisfy their craving.

What a cool concept… putting chocolate and horoscopes together. Visually looks great too! Makes me want to do a food related project even more now.

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